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How much is the tears of despair Печать Email

Lula Kuni

He was a Barber. This word was better for him. What is hairstylist? It is spark of cold scissors and stickiness of sleepy cheeks of early client after the duty lotion. No. “Barber” is better, of course.

Vazgen knew sense in this craft.

The town was small, and all the citizens knew the master.



The town, as we have said, was small. And all the townspeople knew not only that Vazgen - or Vasya, as it was usually called, was a great master. They knew about his wife, which has been ailing for several years. Young shy woman-candle, on which he could not breathe. She quietly moved away from this world, and only Vazgen “ Vasya”, cheerful Barber with sad eyes desperately and boyishly tried to keep her.

The town was small. And Vasya’s client were different: from noisy haunters of the railway station pubs to the silent shadows behind the tinted windows of fresh foreign cars.

The town was gay with falling leaves. Air smelled of rotten leaves and smoke from small bonfires in secluded nooks.

On the door of a Barber’s shop for a few days has been hanging a sign «Closed».

A week later the men of the town got a short SMS-message: “ I need money for the operation of my wife. A lot of. Help. Vazgen».

In the town all people knew that his wife is doomed, and Vazgen knew it. But he tried to keep her in this world. And so to the building of hospitals townspeople came and brought money who how many could. Vazgen silently shook the hand of each. Forces for the words had not been.

These had enough money only for the funeral and Wake.

At the long table sat dismay guests. Vazgen wept drunken tears.

On Monday, the master opened the Barber’s shop.

The first client rode up, got out of the car. He habitually nodded driver and car quietly whispered the corner. Noisy said: «Oh! Vasya! Long time you were not! Well... Let's, as usual...»

Spark of scissors. Sticky cheeks client after lotion.

The city beyond the window lived his life.


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