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Lula Kuni

Earth is a not place for Love...

Expectation is  in life... Again is expectation.

Do you know, in what emptiness you release again your soul?

Do  you remember endlessness of milk fogs before Dawn?  Do you remember irreparableness of pink sunset rays? Do you remember wormwood waves above earth is become permeated of the smell  heat bitter?

You leave with the promise of meeting there, outside earthly life, in blessed brushwoods, where our souls aim, when they tired from an earthly vale.

You promise meeting and eternal not-parting.

But is it so, and are not cunning you?

Not before him – no – before by itself, pushing aside in unknown will meet far, which will compel the soul your to expose all its simple traps you met in which?

The meeting, which will compel you to bare your  soul, not accustomed to public confessions? You build the wall between us.

High, deaf wall is built from the flags of the memory ...

Each of them is farewell.

Each of them is oath of failure to return.

That then, by the end of earthly way, to go by it, pass your palm over memory about him,  over memory about unrealizable happiness, and to go away from this world with gladness.

You remain lonely.

As usually.

As initially came in this world.

As,  you get tired of solitude, will go away into Light.

The soul hangs up on the edge of horizon before sunset of the world.

In private with itself.

You are proud of by itself.

By the firmness...

But there far at the beginning of tunnel which you will go away on, haughtily carrying the Loneliness,  you will hear, as a fragile girlie cries excitedly, forgotten by you in neglect youth your.

Cries about you unhappy and being proud of your unhappiness.

About you, who don’t not know, as you are pitiful.

A girl cries.  Because knows your fate in eternal life is a fate of the Soul, dooming itself to Hell of Loneliness.

Translated by Alexander Pryazhnikov


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