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I congratulate you on the Day of Chechen Woman! You are the soul of nation, its support, present and future. Accept wishes of the world, health and happiness from our heart! You deserve the highest praises and respect.

We are thankful you, to your patience and firmness, due to which chechen people were able to outlive horrors of military days. You showed wonders of courage and heroism in a that heavy for our people period. Unhesitatingly you loaded on to itself the load of responsibility for the your families and equally with men carried this heavy load. And today, in peaceful, creative time, chechen women bring in a ponderable contribution to development of republic. You successfully prove in a policy and business, science and sport, public life, firmly, consistently and deservingly carry out the civil debt.

The special attention and respect is deserved by our grandmothers and mothers. They pass to the rising generation beauty and nobleness of chechen traditions and consuetudes, educate youths the real patriots of the Motherland. The Day of Chechen Woman legally became one of the most meaningful and favourite in our republic. With the special mood prepare to him and we, men. We wish sincerely, that you became the happiest women in the world. Dear women! Let the Most High reward you deserving life, grants you the world and calmness! Let your eyes always shine gladness, and dreams come true! Congratulations!

The Leader of Chechen Republic R. A. Kadyrov

Press-service of Leader and Governments of Chechen Republic


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