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The word Печать Email

Lula Kuni


That flute, that was quiet, sounds again.                                 R.Tagor «Breathing of spring»

The Magic of the Word.

And He speaks.

And earthly, and celestial creatures heeded Him.

And you, man, heeded Him.

And He inlaid in your mouths the Word.

DELUSION Печать Email

Lula Kuni

Earth is a not place for Love...

Expectation is  in life... Again is expectation.

Do you know, in what emptiness you release again your soul?

Woman time Печать Email

Lula Kuni


A little girl runs along a sleeping valley; takes running, dives in a flower haze. The yellow cloud of flower pollen lightly rises above her, and in a moment it is gone with a wind on the edge of earth...

Her tiny heels, like melon slices flash among floral heads.

Sun trace Печать Email

Lula Kuni


You very long peer at her eyes.

Peer at her eyes, which begin lackluster. Eyes, which get a senile cloud, and that is why pour wave of pity and stirring fault.


She is silent.

The Tragedy of the Passionarians Country Печать Email

Alexander Pryazhnikov


Prologue.  All can be explained.

The History of XX century consists of other crimes. I was born in the USSR in 1969 and I have never left of my country. Over the years I and my persons of the same age became the witnesses of so many events. Some of them we want to forget.  Sometimes I ask somebody: why the bloody orgies of past century can be explained logic analyzed. So, an extermination the Jews –Ashkenazy by Nazis is explained the law of retribution. Say of, Holocaust is the reaction of Europe on a huge deposit in revolutionary motion by European Jewry. The elimination of peasantry by Bolsheviks is explained by a necessity to accomplish industrial revolution without which Germans would reach to Ural in 1941.

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